Hi, I’m Dani and I am an absolute sports junkie! I love everything that embodies game day. My dad was an NFL linebacker and played collegiately at the University of Oklahoma, so naturally, my love for football came at a young age. I grew up playing and watching sports, so when there’s a game on, I’m probably watching it – or I’m actually there.

Tailgates, watch parties, going to games – I love it all. I enjoy the company of friends and the atmosphere that comes with being at the game.  The O-M-G moments of slam dunks. Nothing-but-net three-point buzzer-beaters. Goal-line stands…all of it. Let’s definitely not forget those full count, two outs, bases loaded grand slams that make you go, “Oh. My. Goodness! Did you see that?!”. But there’s so much more to game day than the athletes on the field and who wins the game.

I’m breaking the mold on traditional game day style, and like to combine high and low pieces to keep on trend and fashion forward. You don’t have to wear a jersey to be game day ready! Besides, the fashion isn’t just in the stands, it’s coming in and out of the locker room, too. Have you seen what Russell Westbrook wears to the arena? Yeah, I wanna talk about that.

Here at The Sports Brat you will get to follow me on all of my game day adventures. I love to travel and see all of the different stadiums and TSB will give an inside look at my travel diary – where to stay, eat, and play. Of course, where to sit and eat at any given stadium, arena, or ballpark will be here too. There’s so many places that claim they have the best tailgate experience or the best food (have you had the nachos at Globe Life Park? Yeah, the ones with the Doritos…) and I want to experience and eat it all! Don’t worry, there are over 90 professional teams between baseball, football and basketball. That’s a lot, and that’s not even the college set! But sometimes it’s not always about game time and there are those other girly things that I’ll cover as well. Skin care, make up, working out, all the girlier things won’t be forgotten.

Jess Ceresino defined a sports brat as being “someone who enjoys tailgating and a cold beer, but still has concerns about shoe choice, lipstick and the cutie in section 102.  Isn’t shy to share an opinion (or 7).  Prefers courtside to nosebleeds.  Knows what the west coast offense is or, if not, knows how to expertly fake it til you make it”, and I couldn’t agree more.

So what makes me a brat?  Well since you asked… For starters I’m more than likely wearing heels to the game – it’s not like I’m the one playing. I threw a small tantrum when the NFL switched to the clear bag policy. I think my Gucci crossbody worked just fine, thank you. I believe a good red or nude lip goes with every team’s colors. Courtside, behind home plate, and on the 50 is where I prefer to sit – but I’m willing to negotiate.  😉

There’s so much I wanna say, but I rather show you! So stick around, this sports brat’s got a little somethin’ for ya.


Dani Hunt



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