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Sometimes when I’m sitting on YouTube I get sucked in to people talking about their skin care/make up routines. You may have seen me mention Saranghae recently on Instagram. I have been using their 5-step system since last summer and I’m pretty obsessed. I’ve tried multiple skincare systems since I was a pre-teen from Proactive to dermatologist recommendations. Since college I haven’t really focused on what I put on my skin. Many of my friends talk about their anti-aging regimens and I’m over here like, “okay, facewash, moisturizer and I’m done”. Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started thinking about my own skincare routine and all of the products that I use. I am unashamed to say that I am a Sephora VIB Rouge member and while I’m super obsessed with makeup, I have a drawer full of skincare products. From sheet masks to charcoal masks, face washes to face scrubs, under eye pads, serums, moisturizes, toners – you name it, I have it. I love a good skin care routine, especially since I am out in the sun a lot (everything has to have some SPF) and sweat a lot. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite products. I divided them up by product type. You’re welcome! Also if you’re wondering, I have combination skin with the occasional breakout. Most of the products I use are good for regular to oily skin so you can use them for whatever your needs may be.


Saranghae Nourishing Cleanser: There’s gold flakes in it, y’all! I recently started getting into Korean skincare and this is a brand I love to talk about.  I love all Saranghae products and you will see them pop up frequently throughout this list. I usually start my day with the Saranghae face cleanser because I like to start my day sparkly. There’s actually gold flakes in the cleanser.

First Aid Beauty: My old ride or die is the First Aid Beauty face wash. Pretty much anything from FAB is good, but I am always looking to them for face wash.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: Give me all the Glossier in 2019! For everyday cleansing this is a good one. I actually own several Glossier products from the lip balm (coconut if my favorite) to the refreshing spray (perfect after my nighttime routine). Glossier is also easy on the pockets if you know what I mean.


Glamglow Charcoal Mask: I’m sure you’ve heard many a blogger talk about this mask and how it’s great with spot treating a pimple and it works miracles, right? Well add me to that list of bloggers who talk about how it’s great with spot treating a pimple and it works miracles. Seriously. I’ll have a break out, and while my breakouts can linger for upwards to a week, I slather on some of the charcoal mud and that bad boy will be gone in a day or two.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask: Another FAB favorite. This mask is good for just everyday use. I use it once a week, as I like to use other masks throughout the week.

Sheet Masks:

GlamGlow BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Sheet Mask: Holy bubbles and tingles! You can definitely feel this one working. It bubbles up on your face and makes you look kinda scary, but it’s so worth it. I actually had four of them, but didn’t feel as though I needed all of them, and actually gave two away. I’m so mad I did that. But I can say that my friends texted me saying they ended up stocking up cause they were so good. So when you see these in your retailer of choice, grab one six.

Saranghae Elemental Essence: Need hydration and want some glow? This is one of my all-time favorite masks. One, it smells good and two, my skin always feels so good the next morning.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask: To be completely honest, I saw Victoria Beckham using this mask a few years ago and I had to have it. Let’s be honest. Anything Posh uses is a need. But of course, those needs come with a price tag. 1 of these babies is like 25 bucks…or you can get 4 for $80… Ahhh, the price of beauty.

Sephora Shea Butter Lip Mask: I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks and those are super drying. So these definitely come to the rescue and restore natural hydration in my lips. A little Brat Tip: I put lip balm on before I use the mask for that added oomph! PS: it’s only $3!!


Fresh Rose Toner: This just smells so good. I spray this on before putting on moisturizer before bed. Leaves my skin bright the next day!

Saranghae Toner: Toners are quickly becoming a favorite product of mine in my skincare arsenal. When Saranghae announced they were releasing a toner, I was super excited and knew I had to try it. Like everything else Saranghae puts out, this is a must-need. My skin is brighter, and feels cleaner after use.


Dermalogica Cacoon Night Cream: I wear this at night and the next morning my skin is so soft and smooth. It’s pricey ($80!) but worth it!

Fresh Lotus Moisturizer: It doesn’t have the best smell. I’ll admit that. However, I like to take this on the go when I travel. I have several of the travel sized moisturizers that I keep in my suitcase. I like to use it right after a flight to put moisture back into my face – especially after a long flight.

That was just a run-down of the items I constantly reach for. So tell me, what are you excited to try, and what do I need to add to my vanity?


Until next time!



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