Racing to the RaceTrac


I’m sure you guys saw my posts on IG about my trips to RaceTrac for their Dogtoberfest festivities!  In case you missed it, RaceTrac had their first ever Dogtoberfest.  What is this you may be asking? Well, to kick off Dogtoberfest, RaceTrac is determined to find the most devoted hot dog fan to dub the “Duke of Dogtoberfest.” The most devoted fan will be determined by the hot dog lover who creates and shares the most creative, delicious hot dog combination.

RaceTrac is challenging fans to come in store and build their ultimate hot dog combination straight from the roller grill and share it on social media for a chance to win a trip for two to judge the 2018 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship in Coney Island. Um hello, I totally want to go!


The contest runs until November 19th so you still have time to head to a RaceTrac near you and grab a hot dog and enter! I think you all know how much I love a tailgate and when I think about stadium food, hot dogs are HIGH on the list.  This contest is all about getting creative and showing off your hot dog building skills, but if I’m being honest, I’m about as basic as they come when it comes to how I like my hot dog.

Are you ready? Every single time I go ketch up, mustard and top with relish.  In that order.  Every time.  So when I pop into RaceTrac that’s how I build my hot dog.  I’m pretty sure I won’t win the contest, but I’m hoping some of you are a little more daring and creative.  Roller grill toppings bars now include Sauerkraut, sliced jalapeños, banana peppers, salsa, jalapeño pickles, sour cream, diced onions, ketchup, mustard, nacho cheese, nacho chili.

So let’s get to it!


Head in today and make a killer Nathan’s hot dog creation from the roller grill, snap a pic and share it on Instagram or Twitter, tag @RaceTrac and use the hashtags #Dogtoberfest and #contest for a chance to win.  Tag me too so I can see your creations (it’s not part of the contest, I just selfishly wanna see :)) I posted mine, so even if you’re simple like me, maybe you’re a better artist.

I can’t wait to see who will be crowned the “Duke of Dogtoberfest.”  Also, can we talk about what a win win this contest is? You get a hot dog and get entered to win a prize?! Yes please, I love that instant gratification of a yummy hot dog!

Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to swing into a RaceTrac before November 19th to enter the contest.

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