Q&A With Hilary Kennedy

Hilary Kennedy

I could not be more excited to kick of 2016 by sharing my Q&A with Hilary Kennedy.  This über talented babe not only talks sports but fashion, career and SO much more!  I’m girl crushing hard, and so will you! Enjoy!

Hilary Kennedy
Hilary Kennedy

The Sports Brat: I first came across your work when I was researching soccer. But you’ve done a ton of TV work both in sports and in style/entertainment. What’s the biggest difference in sports reporting to something like Access Hollywood? Which do you prefer?

Hilary Kennedy: I love them both, because sports and celebrity news are both forms of entertainment and escape for viewers. I always learn something from the athletes and entertainers I interview, and often they have similar work ethic and similar views on teamwork. The biggest difference I face in covering sports-related shows is that some of the sports I haven’t played. I have to work harder to put myself in the athlete’s shoes.

TSB: One of the first things I noticed was your style and after digging around on your instagram I found out you’re also a successful style blogger. Can you share what your favorite look would be for a fall football game?

HK: Dressing for football games has become so much fun thanks to all the retailers out there who recognized that females make up a vast majority of sports fans and started designing cute things for us, too! I am a huge TCU Football fan, so I love to wear a comfy, cozy purple cable knit or cashmere sweater with jeans and fringe booties. If the weather is bad, you can never go wrong with a beanie with your team logo. I keep the heels low, since I plan on standing up and cheering!

Hilary Kennedy
Hilary Kennedy

TSB: What about for a soccer game in the spring or summer?

HK: For a soccer game, there is always a ton of action and constant cheering, so I dress as cool as possible to keep from sweating the entire game. I love a super casual sun dress. One of my favorite companies is Mott 50, who makes ultra comfy dresses that have built-in SPF to protect your skin when you’re outdoors. I throw on sandals or low-top Converse with it and I’m good to go! (Oh, and a ponytail is a must.)

TSB: Speaking of games and sports…what are your favorite teams? What are your favorite games to go to?

HK: I am a TCU Horned Frogs, FC Dallas , and Dallas Stars fan! My absolute favorite games to go to are hockey games. I worked for the Dallas Stars a few years back, and I couldn’t get enough of the action, roughness, and strategy of hockey. Plus, hockey fans go CRAZY. They are some of the most passionate fans out there, so you know the crowd watching is almost as good as the game!

TSB: And if we bumped into you at this game, what would you be snacking and sippin on?

HK: I’m a popcorn and Diet Coke gal. And if they have cotton candy for sale, I’m munching on that, too.

Hilary Kennedy
Hilary Kennedy

TSB: You often post fitness apparel and I spotted some workouts in your reel, what do you do to stay in shape?

HK: Now I feel guilty for just confessing I eat a lot of cotton candy! I love to play tennis with my husband when we can, and I take spin classes and weight lifting classes regularly. I enjoy kickboxing too, and one of my goals is to learn fencing. Doesn’t it look like fun?!

TSB: Do you play any sports yourself?

HK: I played tennis my entire life, and still get excited to play every time I step on a court. I was a terrible doubles player, but loved the pressure of playing singles. I just started playing against my husband this past year, and we’ve had some serious bets going to keep things competitive.

TSB: So you have a successful TV career, style blog and you published a book! What’s next on your list? Any new fun projects we should look out for?

HK: I have been thinking about doing more video blogging and podcasting in the future. I am obsessed with podcasts, so it would be fun to dip a toe in those waters. (My fav podcasts are EntreLeadership and Hal Elrod.)

Hilary at work
Hilary Kennedy at work

TSB: Care to make a Super Bowl venture? Who do you think will be in it or win?

HK: I think it’s going to be Seahawks and Patriots, with Seahawks winning the Bowl. Either way, it’s nachos and fun all day for me that day!

TSB: Ok, now the most important question, if you were being introduced to come up to the plate or to enter the ring in boxing, what would your theme song be? Or maybe what’s your pump up song when your workout is dragging?

HK: Oh man…if I was about to fight Rousey, it would have to be “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor). In fact, it’s the song my husband and I walked into our wedding reception to! 🙂

Hilary and her Husband
Hilary and her Husband

TSB: What’s the best advice you have for young women who want to get into blogging or TV?

HK: It sounds so cliché, but don’t let anyone change the core of who you are. I spent too long thinking I had to have a certain personality or voice to be on TV, and what has always worked best and brought me the kinds of jobs I truly desired was just being authentically who I am. People can sense a fake persona a mile away, so if you’re goofy, stay goofy! If you’re funny, be funny. Remember that part of success in any industry is a numbers game. If you’re willing to do more than you’re paid for and you have an attitude of gratitude, you’ll outlast the others. The cream always rises to the top!

Thank you SO much Hilary! After this interview I’m wishing we lived closer to hang and watch sports!  For more on Hilary make sure to check out HilaryKennedy.com or follow her on social @HilaryKennedy!

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