Who Stole My Popchips?


We are inching closer and closer to the Big Game and I feel strongly about everyone having Popchips at their parties this year.  Take a look at a little video evidence from a party I threw showing just how popular these snacks are.

As you can see my girls totally stole my Popchips.  You many be thinking, “what’s the big deal with these chips?” Well here’s what you don’t know.

Most chips are fried and with a plethora of fried and fatty foods on game day, having some lighter options are nice.  Popchips keeps their potatoes out of the deep fryer. Instead, they heat them in a pressurized chamber and then quickly release them. Their first breath of fresh air is a…POP.  They give their un-fried chips a dash of the good high oleic oils and then massage them with some favorite spices and seasonings – voila! a chip that has all the flavor, and half the fat.  Sign. Me. Up.

When it comes to eating a little lighter, flavor can be compromised but I think it’s pretty evident in my video that these Popchips were a huge hit.  And there’s more.  I haven’t had a bad bag yet, but buffalo ranch ridges and zesty jalapeño cheddar are their new flavors and have become my favorites.


I highly recommend snagging a bag and I’m gonna keep it very real right now, I crushed a bag in one sitting, by myself.  And I didn’t even feel guilty.  You don’t feel yucky after.  Like they say, all the flavor and half the fat.  It’s a win-win.  Snag a bag and enjoy the big game this weekend.

Oh and a little helpful hint, hide some extra bags in case your friends steal the goods.  You’d be surprised at how quickly these bags will go.

Have a great rest of the week everyone and please please please tag me in all your BIG GAME pics this weekend.  I want to see what everyone is up to.  And who are we rooting for? I think I’m going Eagles.  xx


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