The Playbook:  The Sports Brat’s Guide to Game Day

Some of you know that I’ve always dreamed of writing a book.  I keep waiting for someone to magically find me and read my mind BUT spoiler alert, it hasn’t happened.  So it hit me this morning in yoga, “um Jess, you have a platform to publish one chapter at a time.”  And, in the end, I will have published my first “book”, for free to the internet.  You’re probably thinking that this isn’t a solid business plan but that’s not why I blog.  So what do you say? I’d love to hear what you guys think.  Here’s the intro and first Chapter.  I will be releasing new chapters every week (I hope)!  So be sure to subscribe, follow on social and to check back so you don’t miss out.

For my mama, who never stops believing in me.  Even when I can’t.


Buzzzzzzz. The alarm wakes you up.  At first you’re startled, sulking to yourself in your half-asleep haze.  Then you remember.  It’s GAME DAY.  Suddenly you’re exuberant, jovial even, as you hop out of bed.  Have I lost you?

Okay… maybe that isn’t you. But perhaps this is: Peter has taken you out to dinner a couple of times and you’re anxiously awaiting the next time to see him when the phone rings.  You know he’s going to ask you out but you’re a tad surprised when he asks you to go to the game tomorrow.  You’re too excited to realize what you’ve just agreed to until it’s too late.  Now what? You’ve never been to a game, where to start?

These are both extremes but they end in the same result as millions of Americans every day…attending a sports event.  Some are fans, some are not and some lay somewhere else on the broad spectrum of sports fandom.

When I began it was to give ladies a different way to consume sports media.  It’s a fun reference guide to all things game day.  You see, sports are more than just a game.  They’re drama, competition, athleticism sure, but they’re also community, commonality and teamwork.  Sports are the best reality show on TV.  You truly never know what can happen.

Hey, they aren’t for everyone but chances are you’re going to be invited to a least one sports event in your life.  And even if you can run the west coast offense and play call better than Belichick you can always use a recommendation on recipes or enjoy an interview with a sports great.

Well cue the margs ladies, here’s my guide on how to win the day!


Chapter 1: Fan Fashion.  A style guide for game day.


What is the first thing you think about after someone asks you out? What am I going to wear?! DUH.

As I begin my book about all things game day, I thought it would make sense to go in order of importance 😉 So ladies, when that cutie asks you to accompany him to the game, just refer here for sport-specific recommendations and a reference guide that will turn even the most mundane items into rally cries for the cause.

Kick Off:

You’re invited to a football game. The key factors for dressing appropriately for a football game is the weather.  Tailgating is most prominent for football games so logically if you’re going to be somewhere for an entire day, it’s likely the weather will shift so I’m a huge fan of layering.  You want to be able to wear it all into the stadium and not have to lug it around but she a layer or two in your seat if need be!

FLAG ON THE PLAY:  Due to heightened security risks you cannot, LADIES, I repeat, CANNOT take your bag into some stadiums.  Across the NFL your bag must be clear or no larger than an index card.  For college stadiums make sure you check before you go.  *This is starting to carry over to other sports so when in doubt, do some research but the NFL is by far the most strict that the moment.

Let’s talk scenarios:

College Game: College is fun so whether you’re still in it or you’re headed to your alma mader or perhaps, one of my bucket list games (eh em, The Iron Bowl), your attire should be like college, relaxed and fun.  It’s easy to wear the school logo or just stick with the colors but often college tailgates start early even for an evening game.  So make sure you layer.  Here’s my foundation:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Sneakers
  • cute tee in team colors or basic color like white, black or gray

Trick Play: For warmer climates like let’s say if you’re headed to the Swamp at the University of Florida.  You can swap skinnies for shorts, tees for a tank.  I always recommend close-toed shoes because you’re walking around tailgate areas and stadiums and they can be a little dirty.  I will go on record that the only shoe aside from a sneaker that I can endorse is a Rag & Bone bootie.  They have a memory foam insole that actually make it feasible for a football game.  It’s not my go-to (I prefer chuck Ts or some kind of slip on sneaker), but I have made it through a long day including standing on the sideline all game, never sitting in them so if you’re the kind of gal who needs heels, these are your best option.

Benchwarmers: Here are the layers that will keep you cheering, instead of shivering!

Trick Play:  You don’t even have to buy team colors if you have a flannel that’s close enough to wear open or tied around your waist.  Turn an old denim jacket into your “blue” team pride.  Or use a leather jacket in colder climates to snazz up your game day tee underneath.  The key is to mixing and matching so you’re still expression your personal style along with your support for the team.


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Bag
  • Jewelry

I love the idea of a baseball hat.  It’s fun, keeps the sun out of your eyes and is a cute way to show team pride.  It also saves you from having to worry about your hair in the elements! For a January game, beanies are also a great option.

Sunglasses are totally optional. In my opinion they’re great and can easily be worn on the neck of your shirt if you get tired of them but they are one more thing to worry about so keep that in mind.  A pair of classic Rayban Aviators are my ideal classic game day sunglass.

I’m not a big jewelry gal but let me tell you, this earring trend that my girl McCauley and Luck has capitalized on would be the perfect way to jazz up your game day.  There are also tons of game day/sports themed jewelry now, so there are plenty of options.  I like GameDay Feels and PS46.

When it comes to clear bags, I am obsessed with  If you go to even just one game or concert a year, you need a bag from them.  They customized a Sports Brat one for me!

Best Stadium Approved Bags


Let’s talk make up.  It’s not technically “fashion” but it is dress up for your face ;).  Keep it simple.  Especially at football, where you’re mostly outdoors.  You don’t want to melt pounds of foundation or have eye shadow that draws attention away from your team-supporting ensemble.

I interviewed extremely talented make up artist (and sports fan) Jessica Payne once about game day hair and make up.  Her number one tip is to have killer looking skin.  If you have that base down, then you can keep the rest easy and easy really means not a lot of effort or addition.

There you have it, chapter 1 of The Playbook.  Stay tuned for Chapter 2: Eats and Drinks. A compilation of recipes, stadium food recommendations and how to pace yourself from overindulgence so you make is past half-time.

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