Pandemic Baseball

pandemic baseball
Pandemic Baseball. It is a thing. I went to a Sugar Land Skeeters game a couple weeks back. Here is a quick look at how it all went. Spoiler alert, Im going back real soon!

If you would have told me weeks ago that I would actually be able to attend a baseball game in person this year, I would have laughed at you. Let’s be real, the outlook was, and in most cases still is, BLEAK when it comes to attending sporting events. Well my little baseball loving heart was healed when I attended a Sugar Land Skeeters game in person. Right now you’re probably like, “Hold on! We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I know you’re in Texas where the numbers are insane!” I know. I can assure you that the Skeeters staff took all the precautions and I really didn’t feel unsafe at all. For my first venture out into the real world other than going to the grocery store, this outing was as safe as they come. Here’s how it all went down.

skeeters pre game

First off, you must know that tickets need to be purchased our tickets online and in groups of four. Any less than four need to be phoned in. You can also walk up to the ticket office and purchase on arrival. When you walk up to the gate, your temperature will be taken before you walk into the ballpark. Pretty standard. You must also wear your mask everywhere unless you are at your seats. May I also add that every other row is sectioned off for additional social distancing measures. There were not a lot of people in attendance as people are maybe unaware that the Skeeters are playing, or people are still leery about going out. If I had to put a number on it, I would say maybe 100-200 in attendance. That is a guess. Overall, I felt very safe. Not once was I worried.

Want to go to a game? Here are a few tips: 

Where I Sat: Insperity Club. Tickets run $45 dollars a pop but here’s the deal; food is included! All you can eat! When not in a pandemic, the food is buffet style. However, we’re in a pandemic. Staff makes you plate for you. There’s popcorn, hotdogs, salad, pork loin, ice cream popsicles. So worth the price. All you have to purchase are your cocktails. This would make for a really fun double date, y’all. Tickets start at $9. Click here to purchase.

Thursdays are Pup Days: That’s right! Bring your dog to the ball park for Dogs, Paws and Claws. $2 White Claws, hot dogs and your pup can join you! However, you can’t bring your dog in the Insperity Club. They are only allowed in the lower level seats. This provides fun for the entire family!

Have FUN: If you’re in the Houston area you definitely wanna make the drive out to Sugar Land’s Constellation Field. Bring your kids, your dog, and have a great night. I know one thing, I can’t wait to get back!

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