Opening Day is in Quarantine

Happy Would-Be Opening Day! Baseball was supposed to officially start today so we are going to celebrate that, quarantine style. Scroll down for today's plan!

Okay, so today was supposed to be MLB Opening Day. When I originally planned out my travels for the first few months of this year, I had every intention of being in Baltimore to see the Yankees take on the Orioles for Opening Day. I would be able to check Camden Yards off of my Unseen Ballparks list and, mostly, see my favorite team kick off the season on the road. As fate would have it would have to cancel those plans which was a bummer. Now instead of just watching on tv like I usually do, I now have to resort to…nothing. Continuing another Netflix binge, attacking a movies-I’ve-yet-to-see list on HBO Now, and all the day time television my heart can handle.

While I can sit here and complain about my lack of sports, I am grateful for the sports community coming together. Kailee and I have recorded multiple episodes for Belles of the Ball podcast, and I have joined other podcasters and content creators in doing the same for their shows. Over the last few evenings, I have found myself tuning into whichever DJ is live spinning on Instagram. This is really curing some of the anxiety and stress. Questlove has been playing some really good sets that get me grooving while I’m in cleaning mode. What can I say, I’m almost done organizing my closet for the third time. On the topic of organizing my closet, I have also listed some of my game day tees on Poshmark. I buy a lot of t-shirts and a frankly, I can’t house them all. So off to better homes they go. And before you say anything, I did donate five garbage bags full of clothes.

Back to what you came here for. I am celebrating what would have been the official start of the new MLB season. Here’s what I will be doing on what would have been MLB Opening Day just to get in the baseball spirit!

  • Morning workout. It’s about to be a great day of baseball festivities!
  • Opening Day virtual Happy Hour/Lunch with Kailee. We’re day drinking today, folks!
  • Grilling hot dogs. It’s not Opening Day without a hot dog. I take mine with just spicy brown mustard; how about you?
  • Rewatching the 2017 Home Run Derby on Youtube. I tell ya, that Aaron Judge is beast, I gotta go watch it for the 500th time
  • Probably a nap and virtual work meeting
  • An evening workout. I expect for my “game day festivities” to be over around 5:30 pm
  • Probably call it an early night. Let’s be real, even though I’m quarantined, I still like to get all the sleep at night.

Anyway, happy Would-Be Opening Day, everybody. I hope you all have a great and safe day. Find a way to have some fun today. Did you have Opening Day plans? Let me know!

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