Oklahoma Beer City: Anthem Brewery

Oklahoma City is a hub for breweries and spots to enjoy time with friends. Anthem Brewery has combined the two to give you a good time.

This blog post is LONG OVERDUE. I know, but with a new year comes new goals and that is actually getting to a posting schedule so why not get on the right foot, shall we? Okay. If you are new around here, I must first say welcome, and second, tell you that Oklahoma City is one of my favorite places on earth. Coming from a girl who lives for the rush of New York City, and the posh yet chill life of LA, Oklahoma – in general – tugs at my heart. Not only does the City love its sports and outdoor activities, but it is crawling with breweries. I had the opportunity to tour Anthem Brewery back in November and I have to say, this is a must stop whenever you are in OKC. Ladies if you are sending your man off on a guys trip to OKC, or wanna plan a date night he’d actually be down for, definitely think about Anthem Brewery – here’s why.

Anthem Brewery opened in 2010 and has since been providing beer aficionados with beer for every palate. Whether you are wanting something light or dark, Anthem has something for you. I tried a beer flight of Arjuna, Rad Hombre, Downsport and Uroboros (stout). The Rad Hambre was definitely my favorite – if I could get a case of that sent down to Houston that would be amazing! I also tried Golden One,  Super Fancy and Forever and those were nice and light as well. I am not a huge fan of dark beer, nor do I fully know the difference between an ale, IPA, Wit(?) so there’s that. But I know what tastes good! Ladies, if you’re not a huge beer fan you will definitely enjoy the Rad Hombre and Golden One. Rye’d or D’IPA is also really good. I basically tried them all! I was really feeling good once I left! 🙂 And also, can we talk about how clever these beer names are?

This place isn’t just for the beer aficionado. There’s a bar you can sit at and even more cool, if you stick around and get hungry, you can order up your favorite eats and continue your evening without leaving. Like I said earlier, a night out at Anthem would also make for a fun date night for that casual couple who wants to keep it low key.

Interested in all the beers that Anthem offers? Check them out here. If you’re interested in a brewery tour and get the full run down and see where the beer is made and canned, you can schedule a tour here.


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