Norman Game Day Pt 2: Museums and Shopping

Because on game day, there's more to do than eat and tailgate. I've got some things for you to do and of course shopping is one of them!

Norman, Oklahoma has more to offer than you think, and this town is more than just football. I’ve shared with you the places to eat and stay when in town for a game, but now I’m going to give you the things to do. Because after all, life isn’t all about eating. Well wait, that’s debatable…but, I’ve got some game day tips for the fashion-forward and the culturally sophisticated.

For the Cultured and the Artsy:

Fred Jones Museum of Art: A Monet? In Norman? Yeah, I know, and it’s true. There is! The crazy thing is in all of my years in school walking past Fred Jones to get to class, I never actually stepped foot into FJMA until a few weeks ago and I’m mad at myself for not doing so sooner. There’s no telling what exhibits I’ve missed out on over the years. When in town for game day, make it a point to hit up Fred Jones Museum of Art. It’s a short walk from Campus Corner and opens at noon on Saturdays. Have brunch at Louie’s, Volare or Neighborhood Jam and then head to Fred Jones for some art. You’ll only regret not going. Luckily, visiting is free to visit thanks to generous donors.

Barry Switzer Center: The home of the Oklahoma Football offices and locker room holds some of the most treasured OU Football trophies – well actually, all of them. While all of the Switzer Center is not open to the public, the lobby is available to visitors Monday-Friday except for home game weekends. Home weekends are reserved for recruits. But if you are in town and have the chance, you should definitely check it out if you are a fan of OU football or just sports in general. Also outside the Switzer Center you can find all of the Heisman winners. Just so you know, Baker and Kyler have not been placed yet. Hey, it’s not OU’s fault they win Heisman trophies faster than they can build the statues.

Sam Noble Museum: Not into art or sports but history is more your thing? Head over to Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and learn about Oklahoma’s history. Dinosaurs and Oklahoma culture reside here and Sam Noble is another gem that is waiting for you when you get to Norman. Here’s a little tip: If you need a place to park for the game, you can pay to park at the museum and this also grants your two complimentary tickets into the museum. Thats a pretty good deal. Click here for all of the details to plan for your visit.

For the Fashionista:

You can find soft sweatshirts like this one from Stella Rae!

Now ladies, if your guy gets annoyed and doesn’t want to follow you around while you shop, don’t worry he can go post up at a bar and pre game because all of these spots are on Campus Corner. What’s better is many of the stores on the Corner will hold your purchases until after game time – just ask! Winning.

Blush – Okay, this spot may be my new favorite. With its combination of cute and sassy OU tees, home goods, and everyday fashion finds, Blush will definitely be a shopping destination for me and will be for you, too! Not local? Don’t worry you can shop online! I got you, boo – click here!

Stella Rae – Because a girl can’t shop too much. Stella Rae has a booth set up on game days outside on Campus Corner with all of it’s cute OU tees and sweaters. So you can tell your man to hold your purse and your beer while you look around!

O Clothing Company – Okay if you’ve been following me a while, you know I buy a large amount of my tees from Opolis Clothing. They are super soft, and usually have a catchy slogan or infamous quote on them. Well there is a Norman location right on Campus Corner aptly named O Clothing. If you’re a fan of Oklahoma sports – Thunder, Sooners, Cowboys, etc, then Opolis is your spot. Where else will you find a tee with Barry Switzer on it that says, “Smoke ‘Em”? Yeah, I thought so. Click here to shop.

No matter what game you plan to hit up this football season, just know there is plenty to do. While the majority of game day festivities occur around campus, you can always head to downtown Norman for more restaurants and a good time. Matter of fact if you’re heading to Norman, let me know – I’ll join you!


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