My Updated Skincare Routine

Well, now that we have all the time in the world to focus on things that may have been on the back burner, I am bringing you my routine that is fall of Tula and BeautyCounter products. Those are my two favorite brands as of late. Keep reading to see what I've been using.

Hello Hello!

I feel like it’s been a while since I shared my skincare routine and favorites. A few weeks back I shared my morning and night time skin care routines on Instagram stories, and now I am going to list out all of the products that I use in the morning and at night. I have bee using Tula and BeautyCounter products NON STOP, you guys. I pretty much want to order the entire BeautyCounter website, but I mean, that’s expensive so I can’t. But I want to share with you the must have products that I am using right now.

*Please note that some of the items are linked with commissionable links so if you purchase from them, I thank you in advance as I do make a small amount off of your purchase. I do have coupon codes as well. If you use the code SPORTSTBRAT at Tula, you will receive a discount! Who doesn’t like saving coins? Anyway, let’s get to it.

Morning Glory

Cleanser: I start the day with BeautyCounter’s purifying cleanser. I think its a great way to start the day and cleanse any night sweats a way and prep the skin for make up for the day.

Toner: Another BeautyCounter fave is the CounterControl Instant Matte toner. I even use it when I take off my makeup instead of micellar water these days. I love a matte finish to my skin for everything having this toner helps reduce any natural shine that I have.

Brighten: Tula’s Rose Glow and Get It I one of those products I have been reaching for just to relax and soothe the last few weeks. It is so cooling and just feels good. I use it under my make up to give the under eye a little glow. I do use this morning and night.

Hydrater: The product I breezed through in about three weeks’ time is the BeautyCounter Nourishing Rosewater Mist It may be the fact that I tend to be a little heavy handed when I spray things on my face. The rosewater mist is refreshing, it smells good and you will definitely want this as the weather begins to heat up. I blend it with my moisturizer and my face feels like butter.

Moisturize: Last step is to moisturize and that is the Tula 24-7 moisture. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that I am already needing to replenish. You won’t regret it. All of these products create the perfect foundation before your makeup.

Good Night

Scrub: I don’t always like a scrub because they can tend to be harsh and tear up the skin. However the Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is a must try. I scrub before I cleanse and the Tula scrub breaks down and feels more like an oil that you’re rubbing in, and it feels good and not so gritty.

Cleanse: Y’all this Tula Purifying Cleanser is my favorite for getting my skin super clean from the day’s sweat, dirt and makeup. I’m even reaching for this in the morning after a workout, it’s that good.

Toner: I tone twice a day. That may seem like a lot but I like to keep these pores clear. Tula’s Get Toned is a great follow up to their purifying cleanser. Grab a cotton round or pad and wipe on!

Hydrate and Moisturize: Again! I’m using a blend of the 24-7 moisture and BeautyCounter rosewater mist. Rub them in thoroughly – don’t forget your neck – and hit the hay!

Let me know if you try any of these products or if you have any that I must try. I am always looking for new products!



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