My Sporty Summer Wish List

I’ve been opening up more on the blog mostly because that’s what’s happened or what’s going on in my life but also because I just think I should keep it real.  I am super lucky.  And I know not everyone is.  But I’ve also had to learn some hard lessons and there were days where I didn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other on an issue so I’m honored to share those experiences if they’ll help anyone.

But a part of me is fun and free-spirited too, so I do want to keep posting about the fun topics too!  That brings me to today…Memorial Day weekend is coming up and, to me, that officially kicks off Summer.  Things are already heating up in Texas and I’ve found myself pining for a few more summer items to add to my wardrobe that will be perfect for ballgames, bbqs and blogging.

So on a lighter note let’s dive into the 10 sporty summer items on my wish list.

Sporty Summer Wish List
  1. A longer denim skirt – because sometimes I feel a little, um, exposed in those bleachers.
  2. Shorteralls – I love them and always have and I love that they’re back.  Perfect for a sunny summer ballgame.
  3. Gingham dress – sure this doesn’t scream stadium wear at first, but how cute would this be with sneakers or flats at the ballpark? Or even at ta golf event!
  4. White overalls – again, I want overalls in every color, but the white are extra cute to me.
  5. Stagger hem jeans – if you’re gonna be in jeans this summer, you can have them stand out (and stay a little cooler) with this hemline.
  6. wedges – a comfy pair of wedges is everything.  Wear them with shorts, jeans, dresses, etc.
  7. This bag – I saw this bag in a local boutique and it is the PERFECT game day bag.  The size, the tassels, it is perfection.
  8. Outdoor voices kit – not all sporting events are for spectators.  Outdoor Voices has a pop up right by me and I’m currently drooling over their new pink kits.
  9. A fanny pack – Yep, a fanny pack or belt bag.  No matter what you call it, it frees up 2 hands: One for beer, one for a hot dog.
  10. Embroidered denim – again, why not up your jean game and add a little flare.  I love this jumper but there are tons of options for embroidered denim out there.

There you have it AND if you jump quick some of these items are on MAJOR sale.  Happy Memorial Day everyone.  New podcast up tonight on how I got budgeted, out of debt, and on the right track

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