Military Ticket Giveaway

Thank You Military!

As some of you know, last year I purchased tickets for a Chargers game and found out they were wheelchair seats.  While San Diego is known for it’s beautiful coastline, perfect weather and fabulous Mexican food, perhaps the biggest and coolest part about San Diego is our military community.  With all branches having some presence in the area, it really is a major part of the identity and culture of San Diego.  I could not be more thankful and proud of my fellow San Diegans, especially those who serve to protect us and our freedom.

So where am I going with this?  Well, I ended up giving the tickets to a double amputee vet last year and this year I want to give another couple tickets away just to say thank you for all that our service men and women do.  I wish I could do more and maybe one day I can but for now I have 2 tickets for the upcoming Charger game on 12/20 as they host the Miami Dolphins.

If you or anyone you know is a Charger fan, Dolphin fan or just a football fan please send your name and email or phone number to [email protected]   I’ll randomly select someone for the tickets and announce it on Monday 12/14.  There are 2 tickets, one wheelchair and one companion seat located on the plaza level on the Charger sidelines.

THANK YOU AGAIN to all of our military but especially to my neighbors in SD.  Hope whoever goes gets a good game and a 70 degree day!

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