Mexico Recap: Adios Sports Brat, Hola Vacation Jess


Getting to Mexico:

Hola everyone! I’m back from Mexico and Vegas.  Heck of a summer so far.  But I wanted to follow up last week’s podcast with a recap of my recent trip south of the border.  If you followed along on social media or listened to the podcast already then you know this was my first real vacation with B.

We had an easy trip down.  No delays and honestly I was a little nervous about the 80 minute trek from the Cancun airport to our resort in Akumal.  So I did a lot of research and found that USA Transfer had the best reviews.  When we arrived they greeted us and got us in our van within 6 minutes.  It was incredible.  Just enough time to grab a margarita.  The van was so clean and the driver was great.  I cannot recommend USA transfer enough!

Upon arrival at Secrets, our room wasn’t ready to they took us to a killer lounge and the “all-inclusiving” began.  Aka we had a couple cocktails and snacks.  Shortly thereafter we went to the pool and settled in just fine.

The Sports Brat in Mexico
The Sports Brat in Mexico with B

{Shopping Details: Sunglasses, bikini}

We settled in so well that we agreed to pay for a tequila pairing dinner that evening – even though the trip was all inclusive.  We didn’t know what to expect but we had a wonderful time, it was just the next day that was a little rough.

Tequila Pairing
At the Tequila pairing being “those people”

{Shopping Details: Top (no longer available but this is similar, pants, heels}

Let’s just say 5 tequilas is a lot to taste.


While we were there we knew we wanted to see the Mayan ruins in Tulum, which was only about 20 minutes from where we were staying.  We made our way at 3PM, which was maybe the worst time to go.  It was so hot, but the views were so incredible it was worth it.

The Sports Brat in Tulum

{Shopping details: Tank, shorts, sneakers, sunglasses}


Tulum is situated up on the cliff so its unlike any of the other Mayan sites, you can actually walk down and take a dip in the Caribbean below.  So cool.

I also have to say there was the cutest little animal we saw, along side all the iguanas of course.  It’s called a coati and this one came up, laid down and put his hands over his eyes and took a nap.  I literally melted and wanted to keep him, but B said no.

But, hands down, the best part was the ICE COLD coconut I got on the way out of the ruins.  It was magical and I even told B we should move down there and sell them on the beaches by the resorts because they don’t have them.  We’d kill it.

Anyways, the rest of the trip consisted of working out, eating, laying out, swimming, snorkeling with the turtles, long walks on the beach, cocktails and lots of relaxing.


{Shopping details: Bikini top and bottom}


This last photo was taken on our last day there.  We were feeling good, had been drinking in moderation so naturally we turned it waaaay up and got after it that day.  We met tons of fun people, I played angry birds…a life size real version, true story and we just had a blast.  You can hear all about it on the podcast.

I was shocked but I wore just about everything I brought but before we left I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect since we were staying primarily on the resort.  In Cabo, it was different because you go out into the city but we were pretty far from any town like that.  So lastly, I wanted to share my Mexico essentials with you guys in case you’re headed there.

  1. Workout gear – trust me, you feel so much better moving for a bit each day even though you’re on vacation.
  2. Cute flow things for the evening – this romper and these pants were my absolute favorite things.
  3. Comfy travel wear – I will never not travel in this jumper.  Ever.
  4. Sandals – I never wore heels ever. I love these slides.
  5. Cover Ups – I picked this one up and wore it almost every day.
  6. Sunglasses – obvious but so important. These are my favorite right now.
  7. Bikinis – I snagged these 3 this season and they’ve been perfect! Green crochet,  neon,  black top and bottom.

Oh and my last tip, hydrate like crazy.  That sun takes it out of you! (I suppose the tequila doesn’t help).


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