March Madness Bracket 2017

Let me start this off with a funny little anecdote.  Last night, the BF and I were walking into dinner and there happened to be some college hoops games on. In fact they were the “last 4 in games.”  So I asked him if he had filled out his bracket and I pointed to the TV.  His response was, we can just get one at Walmart.  LOL, what?! This is his favorite sporting event of the year so I was so confused and finally he goes, I thought you wanted a new TV bracket.  Anyways, we settled on a friendly {uber-competitive} bet but here’s my bracket.  I’ll also explain why I made some of my picks.

March Madness Bracket 2017

OK, first of all, I like to always pick some huge upsets.  They inevitably happen every year.  They’re hard to predict, so honestly I just go with my gut and pick a couple top dogs to go down early.  Then I look at depth and health of the team.  For example, this year Oregon’s Chris Boucher went down with a season-ending ACL tear, I have to take that into consideration.

Lastly, I go with any team allegiances.  Sadly Colorado and Stanford are not in the tourney this year so I try to support the PAC 12 to a certain point, then it just comes down to who I think is better.  I recently moved to Dallas and live just a few miles from SMU and I’m LOVING that story so you better believe I picked them to get out of the first round.  BUT, truth be told, I have not watched a ton of college hoops this year.  I do not know why but I just haven’t so I’m relying a lot on some analysts I trust and sheer blind guessing.

Good luck to everyone! The show starts tomorrow on 3/16 and it truly is madness so check you local listings for all the games, there are TONS!  AND check back because I have tons of cute treat ideas for any watch parties you’re headed too or hosting!

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