How to Shotgun a Beer

How to Shotgun a beer

Happy Monday! What a better way than to have a laugh and learn a little right? Well this one is pretty self-explanatory but its my how to shotgun a beer video on Youtube, give me a subscribe while you’re at it please.

I want to take a minute to address the nature of this video and keep it real with you all.  I have mentioned that I went to a rehab facility with my depression and anxiety a few years ago and while I was there I also worked on my relationship with alcohol.  It wasn’t healthy at the time and I’m still learning how to drink responsibly.

I’ve made a lot of progress I’m happy with but the thing that’s changed the most for me is not having extreme anxiety.  By staying in control, I’ve learned it really helps my anxiety.  As I went to post this video I couldn’t help but feel some responsibility to address that I struggled with drinking responsibly and even knowing what it means so now that I do feel responsible and in control, I hope we can all have a good laugh at this cheeky and meant to be fun video.  But please, if you’re going to shotgun a beer, make it your first of the day and follow it up with a lot of water.  I cannot tell you how much water has changed my drinking habits.  Not to mention, I feel WAY better in the morning.

Ok enough serious business, if you want to shop my look you can do that below:

Have a great week everyone!

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