Holy Shift: A Book Review

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"When I say fight, I don't mean fight others. I mean to fight that part of you that wants to hold you back, keep you safe from risk-taking and potentially falling flat on your face." - Lindsey Curry, Holy Shift

Okay. I’m not a huge resolution girl, but this year I am trying to read more. I was a book worm as a kid and since and since grad school, the last thing I ever wanted to do was read a book. The first book I’ve read cover to cover was Holy Shift by Lindsey Curry. Let me tell you, this book is like getting the advice from that one bestie who will absolutely not beat around the bush. Trust me no one likes that friend. Don’t be that friend! She doesn’t sugar coat a thing. Lindsey – yes, I’m gonna call her by her first name, cause I swear we are on first name basis – is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. This book is no quick read. It is one that needs to be chewed and digested. It took me about three months to read – just so I could process. I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of time, but Holy Shift isn’t a quick fix book. I would read a chapter or two and brainstorm a bit. There are pages at the end of each chapter that allow you to brainstorm and plan. Lindsey asks you questions that actually make you think to make the shift that you desperately want in your life. From career and business to just life in general, everyone has a shift they need to make.

Stop fronting! Lindsey Curry tells you to go for it in Holy Shift in a way that only she can. She integrates rap music (Oh how I love her for that. I always pop on some Jay Z when I need to handle bid-ness) to really get you into the groove and motivate you to make moves in your life. Each song that she has in her “book playlist” are carefully selected and are so timely. Whether early 90’s rap to recent bangers, there were times I was on the plane reading and my head started bopping when I instantly and mentally started playing the song in my head. Lindsey’s life experiences give her the credibility to tell you how to seize your opportunity or go for it. Now obviously not everyone can just make the moves all at once.  These things require preparation as well as trial and error. It can’t all be done at once. Lindsey ain’t askin’ you to do all of that. Take your time, sis, take your time. Just don’t waste your time. There’s a difference.

If you are pondering a passion project, a career move, maybe moving across country – whatever it may be – and who are afraid, nervous, or just don’t know how to pull the trigger, check out Holy Shift and meet your new best friend, Lindsey Curry. She’s got you babe, no matter what stage of life.

Thank you Wanda, for sending me this gem. Purchase your copy here.


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