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2019 holds so many new adventures in game day and life at The Sports Brat! Are you ready for it?
Dani having a great debate about fries or nachos at Cinepolis in Dallas, TX

Well hello there! I hope the first two weeks of the year have been good to you! I have to say it was a nice little break but now I’m ready to take on 2019 and all it (already) has to offer. Allow me a moment to reintroduce myself for those of you that have been around or if you are new to the The Sports Brat. If you are new, may I just say, “Welcome”!

My name is Dani Hunt and I reside in Houston, TX. Jess Ceresino – the founder of The Sports Brat – passed the baton to me in September 2018 and I have been running this site, and all social media accounts associated with the brand ever since. Before TSB, I had a blog called The Game Day Stylist where I chronicled all of my game day activities and of course, what I wore to the game. I love being here at TSB and sharing with you my love for sports. I’m football raised, basketball crazed, and baseball holds a very special place in my heart. **Okay side story: The very first place I ever comprehended seeing was Yankee Stadium and ever since that fateful day in 1988 I have loved everything about pinstripes and The Bronx.** Football has always has always been a staple growing up (more on that later), I live for the hockey fights and I’m definitely a girl that loves the hardwood. Did I mention I’m a swim coach? No? Okay, add that to the list.

I can’t wait for you all to get to know more about me, and get my creative flow going to bring you all of the content you asked for in all of my IG Story polls. Remember all of those questions I asked you? Well this year is going to be full of everything that you said you wanted to see on TSB. While of course we are always going to be sports and game day central, you ladies – and gentlemen – also wanted to see some other things that will make up the lifestyle category. In addition to sports and game day, you wanted to see more fitness, beauty and general travel. I will definitely fill you in on all of the sports travel I will be going on and will also share with you my general travel stories, game day tips and some pretty cool places are in the works…Palm Springs?!

Here’s a few things that are coming your way in 2019:

  • March Madness – Who’s ready for a bracket challenge?
  • Workouts and healthy eating tips – Cause you can’t eat nachos and chicken tenders with beer every day. Trust me, I know. It doesn’t turn out well.
  • All new travel diaries. Palm Springs, Oklahoma City, Boston, New York and Fredericksburg are all on the agenda and that’s just up to May…
  • More Giveaways
  • More YouTube – Yep, you asked for it, so you’re getting it!
  • More FASHION
  • New Brat Behavior features

…That’s all that is lined up for now as of today. Who knows what’s left to come?! Could New York Fashion Week be in my future? I have so much I want to tell you right now, but I can’t – sorry! You have to stick around and see what it is!



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