Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost Father’s Day and that means two things.  First, we get to tell our Dad’s how freaking awesome they are.  And second, it’s time for the US Open.  If you’re not a golf fan, this is one tourney to try to watch.  Here’s why: there are a bunch of cuties, playing excellent golf, who really want to win, and there are tons of cute kiddos cheering on their dads.  See Dustin Johnson’s heartfelt moment with his little one when he took home the title last year.

If that’s not enough, here’s another heartwarming story line for you, Phil Mickelson is sitting this one out so that he can attend his daughter’s high school graduation.  This is one of my favorite things about sports, when you get to see the human side of these superstars.

Ok now back to dad.  Look, you’ve only got a couple of days left and sadly, flowers aren’t really an option so if you haven’t already gotten dad something cool, here are my last minute suggestions.

  1. A round of golf.  Even if you’re not a very good golfer, he’ll appreciate you getting out there even if it’s just at Top Golf or the local driving range.
  2. Tickets to a game.  You can literally do this at the last minute.  I always use Stub Hub when I’m buying tickets and now you can instant download them.  Such a savior for the ultimate procrastination.
  3. Beer or Wine of the Month.  Another thing you can sign them up for, stick the info in a card and it won’t look like you completely forgot.
  4. Dinner.  Either take him to dinner or if you’re like me and live far away, send dad to his favorite spot on you.  It’s so easy to call the restaurant and give them your card so dad can’t even argue.  I’m sure some places have gift cards too.  Men are so much better about gift cards than women so go for it.
  5. Sporting Equipment.  Does dad need a new golf club, tennis racquet, etc? Dick’s is having a huge Father’s Day sale so you could easily swing in there and snag something.
  6. Travel gear.  My dad happens to travel almost every week for work so new luggage or travel gear is always a good idea.  This piece of black carry on luggage is only $41.
  7. Dollar Shave Club.  I hate having to go get new razors, I always forget and if your dad is like mine and has to shave every single day, he’ll totally appreciate this.  And again, all you have to do is include the info in a card and it will look like you’ve had it planned all along.
  8. A watch.  It’s classic and there’s one at every price range.  I love this one.
  9. Tools.  I don’t know why but guys love tools, even if they don’t fix stuff.  Home Depot is running quite the sale.
  10. NASCAR Racing Experience.  Trust me.  Listen to my podcast, it’s so worth the $199. And below is me exiting the car, that’s where my only skill was.

Lastly, just give dad some quiet time.  It seems silly but if your dad still has little ones or lots of stuff going on, all he’ll want is a little time to do whatever he wants without being nagged or bombarded.  And a simple “thank you” goes a long way too.

There you have it! Happy Father’s Day!  I’m secretly rooting for a rain delay so Phil can make it  to the US Open.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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