Farewell Baseball Season

Looking back on the 2018 MLB season, the Sports Brat bids it farewell.

With the recent crowning of the Boston Red Sox as the 2018 champion of the world, it is time to say so long to baseball season and the boys of summer. Baseball, it was so good to have you around for your ridiculously long eight-month season. I will definitely miss you and all of the big moments you had. You brought some pretty good new kids to the block like Miguel Andujar and Shohei Otani. Had record-breaking home runs – the Yanks hit 267 of them as a team, and Gary Sanchez hit the longest home run of the season at 480 ft. Let’s not forget about all the no-hitters: 3 total; James Paxton, Sean Manaea, and the Dodgers with a comb0 (Buehler, Garcia, Liberatore, and Cingrani). Bryce Harper won the Derby and of course the American League won the All Star Game. Did I leave anything out?

This season took me to Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Arlington Park and Houston’s Minute Maid Park as well. Many memories were created and lots of good food was consumed. Here is a look back on some of my 2018 season. Not featured below is Arlington Park.

I still don’t understand some of the things you do – like the infield shift. Why? Why do you do that? I’ll never understand that. But baseball, I’ll let you do you, boo. I’ll miss you on this little break we’re taking, but I know you will be back to dazzle me with your heavy hitters and flamethrowers. I can’t wait to see where you take me. Until next season!



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