Copper H2O

You guys! I have to tell you about a new water bottle I have been trying out for the past couple of months. I usually am always carrying around water and recently gave the copper bottle from Copper H2O a try. Y’all I received so many compliments on it and when I did I would launch into a whole spiel about the health benefits of a copper water bottle. So I am going to share them with you. 

While this bottle is both stylish and keeps my water cool, it also has health benefits. When you drink water from a copper bottle, you gain some benefits. Copper has natural health properties that leads to creating natural alkaline water. Alkaline water helps balance your body’s pH levels and balances out the doshas in your body. In addition to this, drinking from a copper bottle helps prevent aging, cancer, help with weight loss, supports the thyroid gland (this was a big one for me since I have had my thyroid removed), and many others. You can read about all the health benefits here. 

I have the hammered bottle, but the copper bottle also comes in smooth brushed, and smooth polished I will say, people liked my hammered look. This bottle also makes for a great stocking stuffier this holiday season. Grab one for all of your friends. Need a cute gift idea for a coworker? Purchase a copper bottle and stuff it with their favorite candy! I know that defeats the health benefits – but it’s all good!  Get yours today

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