Bratty Thoughts: What I Would Do With $14.5 Milli

If you’ve been paying attention to the Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers Saga, you’d know that it finally came to a close this week, when Le’Veon failed to report and therefore forfeited $14.5 million dollars. Yeah. Okay. While I’m not going to debate why he did it, I could honestly care less at this point, I just think it’s amazing that someone can just be like, “okay! I don’t need your $14.5 million, I’mma hold out for something else”. Okay, that came off bratty. I honestly don’t know why he’s holding out, nor do I care. At the end of the day, it’s never about the money (I’m not saying it is) I just wish I could be poppin’ like that, and be all “thanks but no thanks. I’ll be over here”. So since Le’Veon doesn’t want his 14.5 or whatever ridiculous number it is, I have come up with a few ways that I would spend that money.  So here goes:

Give back to OU. I love my school, we all know that, but I would actually like to answer the phone and be like “sure, here’s a 100k”, next time the call asking for donations. Apparently, they don’t understand that my four years of tuition was my donation. I still love you, boo. Boomer!

Buy an apartment in New York City. Ahhh that is my dream. The upper west side is calling my name.

Get my hands on a Hermes Birkin. Honestly, I love that bag and they are extremely exclusive. Every time I see one, I always wonder if they owner sold their soul to get one. I hear there is a three-year waiting list or something like that. Who knows. But I’d like a crocodile Hermes Birkin 35. Thanks.

Become a Yankees Season Ticket holder. And while I’m at it, I’m gonna get the best seats I can.

Donate to the Humane Society. There are so many shelters out there that don’t have the funds needed to support the animals that are in their care.

Pay for several (okay, many) people to go to college. Education is important, and so many are missing out solely because they can’t afford it.

Purchase a Chik Fil A franchise. I mean, that’s a really good investment.

Okay, this is silly. Obviously, there’s so much you can do with 14.5 million dollars and of course, I’m being silly trying to come up with what I would buy with 14.5 million bucks. Are you tired of reading 14.5 yet? I mean it’s disgusting. But the fact that Le’Veon Bell is skipping a year of work (a gap year, if you will) in exchange for hopefully a better deal elsewhere, is really interesting to me. Makes me wonder if this will be something we see happening again. Are players going to now feel empowered to protect themselves for when they could potentially strike a bigger deal? Are they going to become a little more selfish? Will we the people paying good money to see them care? Is this going to be a turn-off to spectators? I want to open the discussion. What do you think about Le’Veon Bell sitting out this year? Tell me below, message me on Instagram, tweet me, whatever. I wanna know your thoughts. Let me know!



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