Bell Pepper Nachos – Brat Style

Need a quick and easy, maybe slightly healthier dish for your Super Bowl watch party? Try out my Bell Pepper Nachos!

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and even though my team ain’t in it, I’ll be attending a watch party and will have to find something to bring. Since I am trying to eat a little healthier, I want to take a dish that is a little guilt free. Since the new year, many people are trying to watch their waist lines and make things healthier. I love stadium food – especially a good plate of nachos, and it’s hard for me to say “No” to anything covered in cheese. I have been digging around for some healthy-ish recipes that we could all use for watch parties. Here’s my attempt at making nachos a little healthier, but still bratty.

Time: Approximately 45 minutes including prep

Ingredients: (Depending on the amount of guests, you may need more than what is listed. The amounts listed below served 4 – 6 *hungry* people)

2 pckgs 93% lean ground beef

6 Orange, Yellow, Red Bell Peppers (2 of each color)

Mexican Style Cheese Blend

Sour Cream


Pico De Gallo

Salsa *optional

1 pckg Taco Seasoning


  1. First, mix in half of the taco seasoning into the meat and then place in a pan to brown. While meat is cooking on low, cut up your peppers into squares. Cutting the peppers took the most amount of time. Cut the tops off and scoop out the seeds. I made mine a little big so they mimicked the size of a chip.
    Bell peppers broil on Hi for 5-8 minutes. Not too long to keep the crisp “chip” effect!
  2. After the peppers are cut, place them on a baking sheet with foil. These will go into the broiler for no more than 8 minutes – you don’t want them to go mushy. I only wanted to get some of the water out of them but also stay crisp so I had that “chip” effect and lots of crunch still. **Note: all over broilers are different, so watch your peppers**
  3. Once you take the peppers out of the oven, plate them on a platter and arrange them the way you want.
  4. Now let’s make them cheesy. I love cheese. Shocker. So I do one layer of cheese on the peppers before adding the ground beef.
  5. Add ground beef to first layer of cheese
  6. Add a layer of pico de gallo
  7. Layer the cheese, beef and pico de gallo as you desire. I did two layers for a good cheese to beef ratio, cause, cheese.
  8. Add a dollop of sour cream and guacamole as you see fit.

Salsa is definitely optional. But with the sour cream, guac and the pico, I personally didn’t feel the need for salsa, but it does give it some extra flavor.

Here are some additional serving tips for large parties:

  1. Section off the ingredients if you don’t know who you are serving. Let the guests build their own nachos and add on what they want. This way is someone doesn’t do dairy or guacamole (who are your friends?!) then that won’t be a problem.
  2. More people = more peppers. I used 6 large peppers for 4-6 people. 10 large peppers should be good for 10 people. Think 1 pepper for each person.
    Brat Style Bell Pepper Nachos

Try it out! Change it up! Let me know what you tried! I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I did. This dish will definitely make an appearance at the Super Bowl party I’m attending!




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