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For those who know me, follow me or have ever seen me out and about, I am hardly a “beauty” expert.  I generally don’t wear make up or do my hair unless I have to.  My friend was just visiting and laughing that I have a blog because I was dressed so terribly to go run errands but hey, it’s who I am.

But this week I had a unique opportunity for an interview.  You all know I’ve been on a bit of a podcast hiatus, so when the PR firm called to see if I was interested in sitting down with celeb esthetician and co-founder of the Indie Beauty Expo, Jillian Wright, I jumped at the chance.  Look, I know it’s not totally sporty but I do happen to care about what I wear and I do put on make up for games so I figured there was an angle.  Plus, selfishly, when will I have the chance to pick a celeb skin guru’s brain on my current (or lack thereof) beauty routine?!

Little did I know Jillian had the coolest story that I really identified with.  She’s insanely humble for her success and had an energy that was magnetic.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to share the show with you all this week, it’s up at 10PM EST on iTunes and I Heart Radio.

OK but back to this post…I’m feeling beauty inspired after my chat with Jillian so I wanted to share my favorite skincare and make up items!

Beauty Brat

Since I can’t go to Blushington every day or have my own glam squad I have to rely on good products.  I got to interview Jessie James Decker’s bestie and make up artist extraordinaire Jessica Paynes a couple years back and she told me that good skin is the key.  So I try super hard to take good care of my skin first.  Here’s my routine and my favorite products:

  1. I wash and exfoliate my face every morning.
  2. Follow up with the best moisturizer ever, I have dry skin so moisturizer is crucial for me.
  3. Then I apply my eye cream (it’s different for day and night).

After that I’m prepped and ready for make up.  Now, truth be told, I have not changed my make up routine in years.  I just swapped out blushes for the first time in forever.  I am such a creature of habit but it’s because I suck so bad at make up.  I’ve mastered one look and I’m sticking with it!

  1. I start with a tinted moisturizer/foundation/SPF.  My favorite one was discontinued, but I am really liking the replacement I found.
  2. Next I use concealer because I have terrible dark circles, ALWAYS.  I use a beauty blender to blend, this thing is amazing. I also dab a little on my nose because it gets a little red.
  3. Then I sweep a light powder over my face to set the foundation.  Love this brush too.
  4. Follow up with one of my favorite blush. I use this brush.
  5. I don’t always use eye shadow, sometimes I just let the powder be enough.  Lazy but true. But I will use the top left one in this kit for every day and some of the darker shades in my crease for night time.
  6. Eyeliner is also hit or miss for me, if I’m headed to work or out I use it but if I’m feeling more casual I’ll skip it.
  7. So I’m getting microblading done in 2 weeks so my brow routine has fallen apart but I did love this eyebrow pencil and I always use a highlighter on the brow bone. I will never not use this brow gel, ever.
  8. Mascara is always a must.  I have decently long lashes so adding mascara really changes things for me.  I have two that I choose between, one that’s more daytime and one that’s more dramatic.
  9. I’m a diehard chapstick fan so that’s generally how I finish my look but if I’m feeling crazy I’ll add one of my favorite lip pencils for some color.

I have to be honest that my nighttime skin care routine it pretty similar, but I skip the exfoliation and a couple times a week I will do a mask.  I’ll either do a detox one or a sheet mask for hydration.  I also apply eye patches to combat those under eye circles on mornings where I need it!

Beauty Brat

As for my hair, you all know I’m a fan of extensions because I have thinning hair but I will say I do love my hair products.  Here’s what I use when I style: brush, blow dryer, curling iron, spray.

As for my skin, I have these soaps I found years ago that I’m addicted to and I never ever skip lotion.  If you’re looking for a new razor you gotta give this one a try.

I think that about covers my at home beauty routine and products.  Make sure to check out the podcast tomorrow and if you’re interested in joining me at the Indie Beauty Expo then head to the website and use promo code “SPORTSBRAT4IBE” for a special discount.  Hope to see you there!


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