10 Best Football Movies

10 Best Football Movies
10 Best Football Movies

It’s August 1st.  That means we can officially see the light at the end of the tunnel to football season.  Sure it’s only NFL preseason this month but can I get an AMEN that college football officially kicks off at the end of the month.  Look, I like baseball and tennis and golf and NASCAR and everything else I’ve been watching all summer but I love football and I am so excited it’s almost back.

10 Best Football Movies
10 Best Football Movies

To get everyone in the spirit I’m kicking off 31 days of football on The Sports Brat.  Each day I’ll share a recipe, outfit, DIY hack or something football game day related.

Today, I’ve decided to kick off this football celebration with the 10 best football movies…EVER (in my opinion).  They’re not in order, because I’m indecisive and had a hard enough time just picking 10 for this list.

10 Best Football Movies:

  1. Any Given Sunday: (Drama and the ultimate motivational speech)

2. Rudy: (Just a feel good movie but tearjerker)

3. Varsity Blues: (Part teen flick, part sports movie)

4. North Dallas Forty: (Loosely based the Cowboys, part comedy and part brutal truth)

5. Remember the Titans: (Drama and comedy, definite tear jerker and inspirational)

6. The Blind Side: (Sandra Bullock killed it, a smart and funny movie with serious undertones)

7. Jerry Maguire: (Drama and comedy, more light hearted)

8. Friday Night Lights: (Intense, similar to the TV show if you’ve seen that)

9. Brian’s Song: (Get ready to cry)

10 . Concussion: (Very serious movie about current issues with great history and scientific vibes)

There you have it, my 10 best football movies.  It’s so hard to narrow it down but these are my faves!  Try giving them a shot this weekend to get in the football spirit.

Don’t forget to check back each day as I share my 31 days of football.  There will be some oldies in there but also some new stuff plus some giveaways!! I could not be more excited.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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