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18 Apr 2014

NBA Playoff Action: Who, What and Why

Let’s start with the “why” – Why should you be excited about the NBA Playoffs? Tall athletes wearing shorts and tanks – why wouldn’t you be excited? Plus, NBA basketball is fast-paced and high-scoring. There’s always something
17 Apr 2014

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: What to Expect

In a word – excitement. If you like regular-season hockey, you’re going to love the playoffs. If you haven’t tried hockey yet, now is the best time! The NHL Playoffs take the natural intensity of hockey and
9 Apr 2014

UConn Huskies Take Women’s NCAA Title

Some very tall, very skilled ladies would like your attention. Actually, they’re not asking – they’re demanding your attention. The University of Connecticut Huskies trounced the Notre Dame Irish 79-58 to win the NCAA championship for women’s
8 Apr 2014

Connecticut Huskies, Kings of NCAA

The winners of the NCAA championship tournament don’t really get to call themselves kings. However, the Connecticut Huskies must be feeling pretty royal right about now. After all, not only did they win the 2014 tournament, it’s
7 Apr 2014

Man Candy Monday: Say Goodbye to These Hockey Hotties

If you’re not a big hockey fan, you might not realize that the hockey season is winding down – there’s only a week left, in fact, before the playoffs. And if you’re not much of a hockey
1 Apr 2014

April Watch List, No Joke!

Rabbit Rabbit!  Now this is no joke, today is April 1st and we have a month packed with sporting events!  Here’s our April Watch List. Saturday April 5th: NCAA Men’s Final Four: The semi-final of the Men’s
31 Mar 2014

Man Candy Monday: Boston Style

This edition of Man Candy Monday is taking a look back east…to Bean Town (that’s Boston for those of you who live in a cave). Bostonians are hardcore about their sports. They love their teams, and they
28 Mar 2014

Flashback Friday: Mikaela Shiffrin

On this Flashback Friday, we’re taking a look at Mikaela Shiffrin’s journey to the Olympics. When I was 18 years old, I was still stealing bottles of booze from my parent’s liquor cabinet and high-tailing it down