By the time we reach the Major League Baseball playoffs in late September, each team will have played a grueling 162 games. If you are not a huge baseball fan, or just don’t have three hours of free time practically every day of the week to watch your favorite team, it can be tough keeping […] READ MORE

Ok, I want to talk about my game day experience today because it was quite possibly the hottest event of my life and I do hot yoga 3 times a week. I went to see the San Diego Chargers host the defending Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks. I wasn’t aware but they deemed this […] READ MORE

Our College Ambassador to Alabama, Tori Martinez, takes us through her game day rituals in Tuscaloosa.  Here’s a look at last weekend’s game day, hour by hour! This past weekend The Crimson Tide crushed FAU, but depending on the school you attend and what time the game is, there are different ways to go about […] READ MORE

Its Thursday, which means time for football AND we’re only one day from the weekend.  So with that in mind, why not try this Grapefruit & Celery spritzer at your tailgate or pre-game this weekend?  If you have an early kick off, trade in the tried and true Bloody Mary (just this once) and give this refreshing […] READ MORE

Morning! It’s been a busy first week in football but let’s take a moment to recap one of my fave tennis tourneys, the US Open!  It concluded Monday, so here’s what you missed… There were some winners and a lot more, ah, not-winners. This year’s finals also offered a few surprises. Women’s Tennis One of […] READ MORE

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of touring AT&T Park…AKA Home of the SF Giants…still don’t know it?!  Ok Ok, its also the site of Kim & Kanye’s lavish engagement. AH, now I have you! Well, since the boys were out of town playing the Tigers, I was able to play in their home stadium….and […] READ MORE

Today marks my first football game of the season…college football game that is. That’s right, I spent the day sweatin (in style) on the sidelines of the Stanford vs. USC game. It was an incredibly gorg day at Stanford. I started my morning with early coffee and then quickly got ready in my Stanford-themed #OOTD: […] READ MORE

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